Cryptocurrency is one of the hottest topics online today with tons of opportunity. However, there are few places online where the crypto-community can communicate with like-minded enthusiasts. That’s why we built CrypoTwits, to give this discussion a place to take part while rewarding members in the process.

CrypoTwits was built with the goal of reaching 1 of 2 landmarks. Those are to either sell the company or to list it publicly. This is where our users come in. If the company is sold, our users will be paid 7.5% of the net proceeds from the sale. If the company goes public, our users will be given stock equal to 7.5% of all outstanding shares. Want to earn your piece?

If you want to earn your piece of CrypoTwits, all you have to do is use it. We will be rewarding users with points for actions taken. Upon the sale or uplisting of CrypoTwits, the total amount of cash or number of shares up for grabs will be divided by the total amount of points in the system. From there, cash or shares will be dispersed to our users as a thank you for being part of the team!

How We Track Points

Points will be awarded in the form of CrypoCoins and the amount of CrypoCoins you have earned will be displayed on your profile page when logged in. Here are the actions that earn you CrypoCoins:

*Keep in mind that over time, the value of coins provided per action will be reduced. This gives the early adopters and community drivers the ability to earn a larger piece of the network upon the sale or uplist of the company. 


CrypoCoins Earned

Logging In 1
Like A Post Or Comment 3
Send A Private Message 3
Post On Your Profile Or To A Message Board 5
Have A Friendship Request Accepted 25
 Contribute An Article (Email to apply to become a contributor!)  100